Abhinandan Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Company Abhinandan Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Address S20/53-68, Daya Shri House, Budh Vihar colony, behind Hotel Marlin, in front of, Hotel uma palace, Cantonment, Nadesar, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221002, India
Category Other
Steel safety doors, made of steel but with wooden color and design. these doors are durable and strong in safety features. Steel doors comes in wide variety of wooden colors and design and of standard size. these doors are termite free, water proof, sound resistant, weather resistant and maintenance free. doors being made up of steel, hence are eco friendly in nature. these doors are ready to install and comes with frame, handle and lock. customers are free from problem which are part of wooden doors, and multi steps which are involved in the wooden doors are free in this steel doors.

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